Nazwa i logotyp XIII Konkursu na Ekslibris

XIII International Competition for Exlibris. Gliwice-Cieszyn. 2022 of 22 September 2022

870 works by 233 artists from 35 countries entered the competition.

The jury composed of:

  • dr hab. KRZYSZTOF MAREK BĄK, prof. UŚ – graphic artist, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of Education at the University of Silesia, runs the Modern Bookplate Research Studio, artistic director of the Competition;
  • dr hab. ŁUKASZ CYWICKI, prof. UR – graphic artist, Department of Workshop and Design Graphics at the Institute of Fine Arts of the University of Rzeszów;
  • dr hab. MARIUSZ DAŃSKI, prof. UTHRad – graphic artist, Faculty of Art, University of Technology and Humanities in Radom;
  • dr hab. KATARZYNA HANDZLIK, prof. UŚ – graphic artist, head of the Subject Art Studio at the Institute of Fine Arts of the University of Silesia, co-head of the Modern Bookplate Research Studio;
  • STELLA ZABOROWSKA-NAWRATH – Head of the Culture and Sports Department of the Municipal Office in Gliwice;
  • BOGNA DOBRAKOWSKA – director of the Municipal Public Library in Gliwice.

Krzysztof Marek Bąk was chosen as the chairman of the jury.


By the decision of the jury:

1. 248 works by 140 artists from 32 countries were qualified for the exhibition.

2. The list of artists whose works have been qualified for the exhibition is attached as Appendix No. 1 (PDF, size 170 KB)


The prizes are awarded to:


  • 1st prize – 500 Euro – AKSULAR Fatih, Turkey (for: „Horse”. Exlibris Fatih Aksular)
  • 2nd prize – 300 Euro – TCHOLAKOVA Maya, Bulgaria (for: Bookplate by Chavdara Georgieva)
  • 3rd prize – 200 Euro – DRIMAYLO Mykhailo, Ukraine (for: Bookplate Connie Stumpel)


  • DAMYANOV-VES Veselin, Bulgaria (for: Stefan Bozhkov’s bookplate) 
  • HO Mingfang, China (for: Exlibris)
  • ISHIHARA Kuniko, Japan (for: Kotomi Kurabayashi’s bookplate)
  • LÖHMUS Lembit, Estonia (for: Exlibris Juliet Warman)
  • MEZZETTI Valerio, Italy (for: Franca Maria Vanni’s bookplate)
  • WIELGOS Anna, Poland (for: Expiscatibus bookplate)

The jury also decided that the award ceremony and the opening of the post-competition exhibition would take place in November 2022 in the exhibition hall of the Municipal Public Library in Gliwice at ul. Kościuszko 17.

All information regarding the competition will be published on the organizer’s website

This ended the jury session.

Contact with the Organizers:

Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Gliwicach
ul. Kościuszki 17, 44-100 Gliwice
tel./fax +48 32 238 25 10